Why the popularity of interracial marriages has been increased

Why the popularity of interracial marriages has been increased

The popularity of interracial marriages in the US has peaked. An American research organization published a study on the prevalence of interracial marriage in the United States. The data presented for the period 2008-2010 indicate a significant increase in the popularity of mixed marriages among American youth. Now the situation has changed, but this data may be of interest to those who doubt before the dating.

9% of the people who married in 2010 were white, 17% black, 26% latinos and 28% asian were married or married to a different race. In total, in 2010, interracial marriages were 8.4% of married couples, while in 1980 this figure was 3.2%. According to the report, in 2010 most often mixed marriages were made between whites and latinos – these unions accounted for 43.3% of the total number of mixed ones. In second place are marriages of whites and asians – 14.4%, in third – unions of white and black – 11.9% of cases.

Among black Americans, in 2008-2010, 24% of men and 9% of women entered into mixed marriages. The Asian population of the United States shows the opposite trend: 36% of women and 17% of men married a man of a different race. Latinos men and women entered into mixed marriages in equal proportions.

Relation to Interracial Marriages in the USA and Europe

Marriage is a union of people who have found much in common in each other. And the more similarities in a pair, the stronger the family. And these are not just words, scientists say this. They believe that the strength of marriage even depends on the unity of biorhythms. Owls, for example, will find it difficult to get along with larks. So if you want to date black women singles then skin color doesn’t matter.

So why are more and more people choosing interracial marriages? Indeed, between spouses from different races there is a whole abyss – cultural, ethnic, genetic. You will find answers to this and many other questions related to mixed marriages in our article.

Features of interracial marriage

The world is becoming more global, peoples are constantly migrating, and this helps to mix visitors with the indigenous population of the country. Anthropologists have estimated that the number of mestizos is one fifth of the world’s population. Since Columbus discovered America, and Europeans began to travel the world en masse, the process of “incest” of different races and nationalities was launched.

But the difficulty is that each race is divided into many groups. For example, the Norwegian will be very different from the Hindu, although they belong to the same race. The mixing of blood led to the appearance of great diversity, even within the same race. Finding representatives of at least one nation in its purest form, without the admixture of foreign blood, is becoming increasingly difficult. The most striking example of multicomponent mixing of peoples is Brazil. In this country, three races were mixed right away – American Indians, immigrants from Europe and Africans.

A family where two people come together with a different skin color or nationality is affected by several factors:

  • contrast of mentality;
  • difference of cultures and traditions;
  • dissimilarity of religions;
  • difference in languages;
  • remoteness from relatives.

The marriage of a white man to a black woman was impossible in the past and was not permitted under any circumstances. Today the situation has changed dramatically. More than 80% of Americans do not see anything wrong with interracial marriage. Statistics show that the number of interracial marriages is constantly growing, but in fact, there is nothing fundamentally important in this. In the relationship, it is not the skin color that matters, but the character of the person and his attitude.