Virtual Questionnaire and Reasons for Marriage

Virtual Questionnaire and Reasons for Marriage

Not being able to communicate “live”, a man gets acquainted and communicates on the site with virtual characters that are created by his imagination based on photos, questionnaires and letters. If you have already defined the type of man you want to meet, imagine the image of a woman who will be most attractive to him. For example, you are interested in the category Anchorage singles. What kind of image is it? Soft, sensual and cheerful? Energetic, powerful and provocative? Serious, neat and reliable? Or, perhaps, refined, intellectual and romantic? Every woman may have her own preferences.

When creating your virtual image, try to make it whole. Photos and answers in the questionnaire should not contradict each other, but support a single idea and concept. You shouldn’t show all your facets at once. Variety at a distance is more likely to disorient and alert, rather than attract men. Let him learn your other virtues better in person or at least in the process of already established correspondence. You should always have a trump card up your sleeve about your supply.

We would like to warn you against excessive diligence in creating your virtual “portrait”. Despite the artistic stylization, it should reflect the real and most important side of your “Self”. Otherwise, with closer contact, you will experience mutual disappointment. So be careful when using Okc dating sites.


For us, the desire to marry and create a family is natural and natural. We absolutely agree with the great A. Maslow, who included in his famous list of the most pressing needs of the person not only the need for safety and food, but also the need for love. Love is what 22% of respondents are looking for in their marriage. We want to be loved and loved. But in order to be loved and loved you don’t have to be married. Theoretically, it can be done outside marriage.

For example, in England, 28 percent of women don’t want to get married, and in Japan, one in ten women dreams that marriage will bypass her. However, in a country like Russia, this figure is much more modest – 3.6 percent. Love outside marriage is not popular in this country. In the opinion of most respondents, it is more reliable to love in marriage. So, each country has its own peculiarities inherent in its mentality.

So, there are good reasons to get married. But the reality is very rarely as pink as our dreams. The fact that the family did not work out is very painful and tragic. It happens not so rarely: according to surveys, 32 percent of women confirmed that the marriage did not meet their expectations. These dry, non-partisan figures cannot convey feelings that a woman feels when she realizes that her marriage didn’t work out.

At such moments we most often try to “save the family” with all our might. Although, according to psychologists, rescue operations are very rarely successful. We need a hot mutual desire of both sides, and where to get it, if, for example, the husband has already made a decision, or looks the other way and hurries to pack his things? Women, as a rule, hide their family problems to the last.

This only aggravates the situation. A tense, eternally trying to do everything “perfectly”, wife looks more like a driven horse than an object of love. So what drives us? Why save a family if there is nothing left in it but quarrels? It is no coincidence that divorce takes second place on the stress scale. And not only because we have to break the usual life. The reason is that the woman is hurt. Now she no longer has the status to which she was accustomed and which she was proud of yesterday: “a married woman”.