Rental Tips & Expectations

Rental Tips & Expectations

Wellington Florida Homes for Rent are much like the homes for sale, if they are priced right and in good condition they will rent immediately.

Below are a few tips for renting a home in Wellington Florida along with what you should expect as a prospective tenant from Wellington FL landlords.  However every prospective landlord/management company will have different requirements, but in my experience these are the most common.

What to Expect when Renting a Home in Wellington Florida:

  • Expect to fill out a Rental Application.
  • Expect to have your credit history pulled.
  • Expect to have a background check.
  • Expect to be interviewed.
  • Expect to provide paycheck stubs and/or tax returns.
  • Expect to put down First Month’s Rent, Last Month’s Rent and a security deposit (typically equal to one month’s rent depending on credit and/or rental history).
  • Expect your options to be limited if you have a pet(s), especially if they exceed 15-25 pounds.
  • If you have a pet expect to pay a non-refundable pet deposit, in my experience the average is $250-$400 per pet.
  • Expect to pay an application fee if there is a Condo or Homeowners Association.

Tips for Renting a Home in Wellington Florida:

  • Be honest
  • Start your rental search 30-45 days prior to your move date.  Most properties listed in the MLS are looking for immediate occupancy or within 30 days.
  • Write a letter to your prospective Wellington landlord telling them about yourself. If you have bad credit explain why you have bad credit.
  • If you have a pet include them in your letter.
  • Try to see new rental listings the same day they come onto the market.

Need help finding a Wellington Florida Rental? Save yourself time by filling out our online Rental Questionnaire below and we will not only be able to save you time and frustration with your rental home search in Wellington FL we will also be able to better assist you.  If you have bad credit, big dog(s) and/or little money to put down, we can help!