How to choose a house in Spain

How to choose a house in Spain

Owning a house in Spain is a dream that hardly anyone would want to give up. And this dream may well become a reality, if it is reasonable to choose a region to buy real estate. In addition, due to the crisis a few years ago, the cost of homes and villas in the country has decreased significantly, and at the moment, the price level remains very democratic. This situation has already had time to “take advantage” many residents of Europe, the United States and not only. Every year, a significant percentage of real estate purchased by foreign citizens, which has a positive impact on the development of the country.

A house in Catalonia

Catalonia is one of the regions in high demand among foreign nationals. Investors choose the property of this autonomous region, due to its good location (proximity to the sea) and the availability of extensive business opportunities without leaving the region. Those who want to combine maximum comfort with minute access to all the benefits of civilization, pay attention to the houses in Barcelona. It is the capital of Catalonia and also one of the largest business centers of the whole country. There are a lot of opportunities to organize your life here: convenience of doing business, wide opportunities for education, many places of beach and cultural recreation. Also popular is real estate in Mallorca: buyers are attracted by the possibility of living by the sea with access to Barcelona at any time. You can find the accommodation you are looking for with property finder mallorca.

House types

  1. It’s a separate house. If the priority when buying a property is privacy and comfort, it is worth paying attention to separate houses, which, unlike apartment buildings, will not be noisy neighbors and the need to climb to the high floor. In addition, in most cases, the house is adjoined by a plot with its own garden and pool.  In most cases, such buildings are located in the countryside or in some areas with private development.  The main difference between this type of property and the villa will be the size of the plot, in this case, it is much smaller. The house traditionally consists of: living room, kitchen (on the first level, if there are several in the structure), bedrooms, several sanitary facilities, in houses where more than 2 floors, often found an underground garage and storage room next to it.
  2. Villa. Buy a villa in Spain – is actually get your own estate in a warm country. This type of property involves a mansion and a large area next to it, which will be located on the pool, garden, possible outbuildings, a place for a barbecue, etc. There are villas in the suburbs, mountain regions and the coast. You can buy a villa in Spain by the sea on the Costa Brava and in the coastal area of Barcelona. These places are in great demand among foreign buyers, as they are prestigious and comfortable.
  3. Country house. If mansions and villas are located in close proximity to cities, the rural houses are much further away. Of the advantages it is worth noting the vast areas and the possibility of complete unity with nature, of the disadvantages – remoteness from the urban infrastructure.

What affects the choice of property?

  • Family composition. If in addition to adults, planned accommodation for children, it is worth paying attention to quiet residential areas where there are educational institutions and opportunities for family entertainment. 
  • The prestige of future housing. If you are interested in luxury real estate, it is worth giving priority to villas by the sea or mansions in the prestigious mountainous area of the city, which offers a magnificent view.
  • Price category. Accordingly, houses with small plots of land, will have a lower price. The price is also influenced by the remoteness from the sea.