Equipment for playground and sport

Equipment for playground and sport

For the full development of our children, the most popular are children’s sports grounds, which should meet the safety of children and their development both physically and intellectually. Producers of children’s playgrounds should take into account the age categories of children playing there or playing sports. The entire range of products meets the high demand of the consumer and is certified to the highest quality. Children’s playgrounds made of various materials and painted with bright polymeric paints attract older children and children. The playground is a whole process of equipment production, which is expected in every yard, kindergarten, parks and squares.

At creation of such designs use qualitative materials, fire-prevention paints and consider a wish of the customer, being based on the got experience. Terms of manufacture and delivery of children’s equipment, manufacturers of playgrounds agree with the customer and strictly observe. Made of wood or metal, the construction is concreted during installation, which will give them a special stability, extend the life of the operation, protect them from vandalism. Wooden designs cover with special antiseptics, protecting them from a moisture and cover with protective (fire-prevention) paints that is confirmed by the certificates given out on various products. The manufacturing technology is developed so that all, the certificated hills, swings, outdoor benches, carousels, sports projectiles – it is possible to repair easily, in case of breakage.

Along with football and hockey gates, artificial covering of sports grounds is issued. Such a covering will serve for a long time and will be traumatically safe for the child in the event of a fall. Made of soft polymeric substances with addition of dyes not harmful to health and very comfortable for tennis, golf, hockey. Polymeric coatings of such category are quite applicable in wrestling gyms, hockey courts. The group of the let out goods make: children’s hills, small houses, a swing, merry-go-rounds, sandboxes, platforms, children’s sports grounds – all it will decorate and will make your courtyard the most favorite place for you and your children.

The playground is a place that is equipped with playgrounds for children to spend their leisure time. It is installed in settlements far from the roads. Its best location is in parks. The main purpose of building a playground is the physical and mental development of children, as well as their social adaptation. Playgrounds can be made for children of a certain age, as well as for all ages.

The main elements of the factory playgrounds are houses, sandboxes, swings, slides, Swedish wall, rings, bars, obstacle course and other quality equipment for playground and sport. For the younger age group there are sandboxes, bridges, stairs, steps, for the middle group there are winding slides and descents, ropeways and nets, for the older group there are stairs and turnstiles. Structures that can be used by children of different ages include swings and merry-go-rounds.

Safety on the playground can be assessed by a number of criteria. Slides, swings and other structures should be free of sharp corners and edges. This will prevent bruises and abrasions. Ladders must have handrails on both sides, and slides must have a special crossbar. Welded seams and joints between metal structures must be made carefully to avoid cuts. To prevent children from unscrewing the bolts and screws that connect the parts of the structures, they are equipped with special plugs that cannot be removed manually. Paint, varnish or other coatings should also be safe and non-toxic. Another important feature of the coating is its resistance to abrasion.