Big Data as a service in business and everyday life

Big Data as a service in business and everyday life

Big Data isn’t a buzzword anymore. This is a powerful technology set and we use it every day even without noticing. Do you have a smartphone? Can your smartphone recognize your fingerprint, face or voice? This is because of Big Data services. Big Data is structured and unstructured information with big volumes and different types. Unstructured information is data without specific order or structure.

Big Data is based on three main principles also called three V’s – Volume (this is about a huge amount of information), Velocity (speed of the information gain and processing), and Variety (you need to work with multiple types of information at the same time).

Why do we need Big Data?

Modern society produces a huge amount of information every second. Traditional ways of data processing can’t handle such volumes. Also, neural networks based on Big Data can find regularity that humans can’t find to structuring and optimizing information. This optimization is used in lots of areas now.

Big Data analytics helps us to save time for data processing. For example, Big Data Scientist teaches neural network to recognize animals on some models and after that, this network can structure huge volumes of such information.

Thanks to this technology we can create virtual maps, routes and many more. Logistics uses Big Data for creating the most efficient route using information about road state, jams, weather, etc. Healthcare uses Big Data for making diagnoses. The human eye can’t find the difference between some early cancer tumors but the computer can and Big Data can save lives because of early diagnosis. Even your smartwatch and smartphone use Big Data to collect information about your heart rate, activity and location. Marketers use Big Data for analytics and targeted advertising. This is only a small part of the application of this technology.

Do you need Big Data for your business?

This is a really hard question. As you can see, Big Data is widely used in different areas. Before the implementation of Big Data, you should make an assessment of your project. Big Data implementation can be very expensive because you’ll need to hire a team of specialists and provide a lot of resources for data processing. But as a result, with Big Data services you’ll have a remarkable efficiency increasing and cost reduction because of fast data processing.

Thus, identify how Big Data can bring profit in your area and analyze the pros and cons of your situation. It’s hard to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this technology for a specific company but you can consult with professionals.

Try to find a reliable Managed Service Provider. These companies usually have Big Data engineers. They can assess the current project and make predictions of Big Data implementation.

How to find an MSP company?

There are a lot of MSPs and it’s very important to find a reliable one. Unfortunately, you might face unscrupulous contractors that will spoil your project and will cause losses. Unlike the trusted MSP will make your project profitable.

To find a good contractor look for reviews and try to talk with previous customers if it’s possible. Good feedback is the main sign of reliable MSP/ Also, pay attention to rating on different platforms and awards. Not all the good MSP have awards but a lot of them really do.

And the final step is talking with the MSP directly. You can talk with the Sales Manager, Project Manager or Team Lead of your future dedicated team. You might ask about previous experience and successful projects. also, you might ask about projects that are similar to yours and ask about implementation strategy and main steps. After that, you can make the right decision.