Apartment Rentals

Apartment Rentals

Renting a house is the most common practice for many people. Not everyone can afford to buy a new home, someone prefers not to get attached to the place, and someone just needs to stay in town for a few months or years. All of these people have one common thing – they are looking for an apartment that they can rent for a long or short term. 

On the Internet there are a lot of sites where you can place an ad for renting an apartment, or check the available options. You can just ask your friends on social networks about renting. Usually this is the most effective and fastest way to rent an apartment.


Decide on the area you’re going to live in. Of course, the farther away from the center the rented apartment is, the cheaper it will be. But it is also worth paying attention to the costs that you will spend on the transport. After all, it may happen that by saving on rent, you will not win anything by spending the same money on transportation to your place of study or work.

Check to see if there is a neon sign installed in front of your window and if the lantern is looking directly at your windows. It is worth clarifying when the house is planned to be overhauled: maybe it is now, which means that from morning to evening there will be very loud, and it is unknown how long it will take. If an airport or railway is close by, planes and trains can be heard, so check it as well.

Contact the agency

It’s the best option. Agency services can be expensive, but this way you can quickly find a good apartment. In addition, the agent can find an apartment that will fully meet your needs. You will not waste time looking for an apartment, so this is a really convenient option. Professional agencies can make finding an apartment easier.


If you have pets, you should check if it’s allowed to live with a cat or dog in this apartment. You can also look for an apartment in the Myrtle Beach Pet Friendly Rentals list. 

Neighbors and guests

Ask the owner to introduce you to the neighbors. Ask them about the history of this place: who lived before you, how often tenants change here – neighbors often have very interesting information. If you have guests coming to visit you for a couple of weeks, it’s worth to let the owner know.

Description of property

Without such a description in the document it will be difficult to prove that there was no TV in the kitchen and the sofa was ripped off not by your children, but by time and previous tenants. If you have decided to settle down seriously and for a long time, ask the owner for written permission for minor changes to the interior. You can also take photos of the apartment and furniture at the time of your settlement. 
The most common problems in rental apartments include: faulty plumbing, an electrician, problems with window units and poorly functioning front door locks.