7 ways to increase the effectiveness of outdoor store advertising

7 ways to increase the effectiveness of outdoor store advertising

Outdoor advertising is a very common, and perhaps the most popular way to attract customers, you can order advertising in your city here. And shopping for clothes and shoes without outdoor advertising can not do. With proper use of it, customers will flow towards you! Everyone sees outdoor advertising, and this is its undoubted advantage. Even if a person does not watch TV and does not go on the Internet, he will most likely notice a sign. However, it’s not enough just to order sign installation new york. You need to do it correctly, otherwise there will be no result. The most important thing is to choose the right type of “outdoor advertising”, place it in the right place and clearly draw up your appeal to a potential client.

Types of outdoor advertising

  • The most common form of outdoor advertising are signboards. It is especially important to pay attention to the sign in those stores that are located in large shopping centers and do not have a display case. An effective sign is interesting to the buyer for its design and tells what exactly you offer.
  • In second place in popularity – billboards. Clothing stores can use billboards along the roads to build a positive image. Of course, if the budget allows. But a more effective hit would be the placement of billboards on the walls of buildings and in pedestrian areas.
  • For short-term promotions (for example, sales announcements), advertising banners are well suited. Practice shows that budget methods, such as pillars and pointers, are also very effective.

Where to place outdoor advertising?

Here, the main thing is to understand the basic principle – the logic of the behavior of a potential buyer. That is, it is clear that a billboard reporting the sale of inexpensive dresses does not make sense to hang near an elite microdistrict. But if it is installed, for example, at the entrance to the subway, then the result will not be long in coming.

Basic tips for outdoor advertising

  1. Occupy the maximum branding area. This rule does not apply only to elite boutiques. In other cases – the more you will be, the better. If you are lucky enough, and the facade of the store goes out onto the street – make such a facade yours! Ideally, paint it in your signature color. 
  2. The sign should be visible from different directions. The sign should not be visible only from the front! It is important. A small detail – a transverse panel-bracket will allow you to see your sign from the side.
  3. Dominate your neighbors. Do not try to make a sign at the level of neighboring stores. Get out of the crowd! Fix it lower or higher than the neighboring ones, make it wider or longer. The task is to be noticed.
  4. Use new technologies. More recently, the maximum brightness of the sign was achieved using neon. Now is the time for LED technology. The LED sign is not only bright, and it can be programmed: that is, change colors and images.
  5. Remove obstacles to the entrance. A staircase leading to the entrance reduces the number of entries. People most likely will not spend the effort to go to your store. They will choose the simpler option, the good choice in our time is great. But if there is no way out, pay special attention to the convenience of moving up the stairs. In addition, for example, you can use the arrows to show where the entrance to your store is! And yet – keep the doors open, it really increases the percentage of visitors!
  6. Use windows. In fact, there are two options – open windows or close them with advertising. If you need to showcase beautiful windows, a large assortment, and the availability of consultants, your choice is open windows and bright interior lighting.
  7. Do not be afraid to experiment. If it’s appropriate for the brand, be creative in your facade! For example, change the banners – one for the first day of sale, the other for the last.